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Stunning Designer Outdoor Lighting in Asheville

Introducing Ornate Lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC. We typically focus on the effect, not the fixture but with these stunning artistic outdoor lights we get to focus on both! These decorative outdoor lights provide gorgeous daytime landscape art with the real magic happening after the sun sets. When darkness falls on our designer outdoor lights, the light illuminates the surrounding area with stunning designer shadows dancing on the landscape.

Our designer lights offer stunning energy efficient outdoor LED lighting for many applications:

  • path lighting
  • driveway lighting
  • landscape lighting
  • focal feature
  • garden sculpture
  • bollards

Ornate Lights come in many designs to match your unique style. Choose from simple geographical lines for an oriental inspired theme, leaf cluster patterns to fit in your landscaping, modern swirls and circles or even more daring thematic artistic lights such as Christmas trees.

Asheville outdoor lighting will never be the same. With Ornate outdoor lighting the gorgeous Asheville landscape has met a worthy counter part. Call today for a free consultation. 864-292-0002

A Beacon in the Night

Stunning Designer Shadows

Gorgeous Ornate Lighting Makes a Perfect Focal Point in Your Landscape

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