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Asheville Garden Lighting Transforms Gorgeous Days into Magical Nights

Asheville garden lighting is the perfect way to get to enjoy every detail of your hard-earned garden after the sun sets. Your gorgeous blooms, carefully chosen statues, and meticulously groomed shrubs and trees deserve a little attention at night too. In fact, night time is the right time to create extra magic with just the right LED garden lighting system.

Garden Lighting for Trees

Starting with the trees that anchor your garden, Oaks, Crepe Myrtles, Maples, or Magnolias, we’ll use uplighting to highlight their majestic height. Moving on to the ornamental beauties such as a Japanese Maple or Hydrangea tree, we’ll cast a wide wash of light up across the breadth of your canopy. With just-right garden lighting, your trees are sure to shine at night.

Garden Lighting for Shrubbery

There is nothing like an Azalea or Rhododendron in full bloom. If you work hard to keep the fertilizer on schedule, pull weeds and keep your flowering shrubs watered, you quite likely want to enjoy every minute they are in bloom. With the perfect garden light, we can highlight your favorite shrubs with a gentle glow that makes them mystical and lovely day and night.

Garden Lighting for Pathways

The intricate winding paths that lead to or throughout your garden are an essential part of the overall effect. Without lighting, those paths disappear under the cover of night. Path lights are one of our favorite garden lights thanks to their versatility and beauty. With a soft wash across the ground, path lights will illuminate each step you take so you can enjoy the entirety of your beautiful Asheville garden.

Garden Lighting for Flowers

No matter if it is spring annuals like tulips and daffodils, summer impatiens, or fall mums, all of your flowers deserve to be seen at night. The pinks are truer, the golds are deeper, and the reds more vibrant with LED garden lighting versus the harsh glare of the mid-day sun. With LED garden lighting, you’ll enjoy your flowers in a new way that can only be seen at night with just the right light.

If you’re ready to illuminate your garden for nighttime enjoyment, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC for the best Asheville garden lighting design, installation, and service available. 864-292-0002

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