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Form & Function without Compromise: Asheville LED Architectural Lighting

Curb appeal, ambiance, safety & security; Asheville architectural lighting is a fantastic way to show off your home’s character while making it safe and secure whether you’re at home or away!

Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Architectural lighting is a lovely way to translate your daytime curb appeal into nighttime show-stopper. The charming façade, well-groomed landscape and interesting architectural features that make your house a home, provide a perfect opportunity for magical nighttime illumination. The brick, stone, siding, or stucco will take on a new form with a perfectly designed wall wash to highlight depth and texture. Columns, porches, and entryways will become the focal point for nighttime guests and passersby, and the height of your roofline’s peaks will steal the show. With our focus on top quality lights and precise lighting design, you’ll be counting down to sunset.

Safety & Security Lighting

While we like to focus on the form, there really is an important function achieved with perfect outdoor lighting design. Architectural lighting specifically is perfect for added safety and security. Illuminated entryways and windows take away the darkness that a would-be intruder could use for cover while making it look as if you might be home even if you are away. Well-lit pathways around the side of your home and at all of your entrances make your travel to and from in the dark a much easier navigation, lowering your risk for a trip and fall accident. With so much function, it’s hard to believe the stunning aesthetic Asheville architectural lighting creates at your Mountain home.

Illuminating Long Fall and Winter Nights

When days get shorter than the nights, LED architectural lighting is a great way to create a warm welcome home to family and a cozy invitation to guests. With all the biggest holiday occurring in the winter months, architectural lighting is a great way to make family and friends feel at ease; it can also do the job of holiday lighting with a few added accessories. Imagine the snow falling with lights bouncing off each snowflake; the magic is straight out of a movie!

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