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How to Create A Trendy Backyard for Outdoor Entertaining with Asheville Landscape Lighting & String Lighting

Could your Asheville backyard use an update? When it comes to keeping outdoor entertaining spaces up-to-date, it doesn’t require a huge investment. From refreshing your pillows to throwing a new rug under your patio furniture, there is a lot you can do for a little. But sometimes, new trends come along that you just know will be a perfect addition that will make your space look great for years and years. Some trends happen to become classics. With the addition of permanent string lighting or landscape lighting, you can bring your backyard up-to-date and keep it there.

Party Perfect String Lighting

Adding the “wow” factor to your deck or patio is easily accomplished with the addition of custom LED string lighting. Our large globe string lights are custom designed and wired to meet your exact needs. They’ll last through all weather and even come with a five-year warranty.

Our creative designs will accomplish affects your big-box throwaway string lights can’t even come close to obtaining. Choose from straight rows over your large deck, a fan effect from the corner of your patio out to the nearest trees or installed poles, or a crisscross affect over your fire pit. With your unique property and our creativity, the possibilities are endless.

And say goodbye to drooping! Our string light installation is done properly with a guide wire that will hold your lights in the right place permanently.

Landscape Lighting Guides the Way

Traditionally, backyard parties are hosted on decks or patios, and even if they include yard games, the sunset dictates the transition to the deck. However, with proper Asheville landscape lighting, customized for your backyard party needs, we can extend the life of your cornhole, bocce, horseshoes, or volleyball tournament.

While our landscape lighting is not just for fun and games, we can illuminate anything you’d like to make better use of or just show-off after dark. From more task-oriented lighting over gaming areas, outdoor kitchens, and pools, to accent lighting focused on your favorite trees, shrubs, and yard art, we will create a custom landscape lighting design perfect for you!

By “Trendy” we Mean “Classic”

While we call it trendy – because it is, outdoor lighting is anything but trendy when it comes to longevity. Our top-quality copper LED lights will last for years and come with warranties to back it up! And our designs and fixtures are completely timeless so they’ll always be in fashion. So, while we can instantly transform your yard to look fresh and new, it will always look fresh and new!

First thing is first, call us today to schedule an outdoor lighting demonstration at your home. Then, call all your friends and start planning your next party – there is nothing quite like a backyard party under professionally installed Asheville outdoor lighting. 864-292-0002

Are Asheville Restaurants Being Forced to Serve Patio Diners in the Dark?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina Can Help

Has the Asheville restaurant lighting controversy affected you this spring? Whether you’re a restaurant owner or manager or someone who enjoys eating out in the city of Asheville, you have probably been affected. If not, you likely will be soon, one way or another.

There are several points of view one could take with regard to this controversy, which we’ll get to in a moment. For those who own or manage an Asheville restaurant, are the city’s “Outdoor lighting standards” causing your restaurant to lose business? We know of at least one restaurant manager who says potential customers think her restaurant is closed because the patio is dark. Her outdoor dining patrons have to use cell phone light to read the menu.

To those restaurant owners and managers affected by the city’s “Outdoor lighting standards,” please be aware that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina can help you retain business during this time of uncertainty. We offer several restaurant lighting fixtures and styles that do not violate the city’s “Outdoor lighting standards.”

What’s the Controversy About Asheville Restaurant Lighting?

A city ordinance defining the acceptable “Outdoor lighting standards” was updated in 2012. Evidently it has been enforced recently to an extent that it was not before. An article in the March 28 Citizen Times explains the issues and presents three different viewpoints:

  • A restaurant owner and a restaurant manager;
  • A board member of the Astronomy Club of Asheville, a group that contributed input to the city’s current ordinance;
  • An attorney and Asheville Brewers Alliance board member specializing in alcoholic beverage law, zoning and land use practices.

One issue is outdoor lights visible from the restaurant’s property line. That would probably include most strings of hanging lights known as bistro lighting. The ordinance goes into detail about how bright exterior commercial lighting can be, whether or not the bulbs can be visible and the angles at which the lights can be directed. For example, Asheville commercial outdoor lighting is not allowed to point upward. The reason? To reduce light pollution, light trespass, glare, and unnecessary high light levels and intensity. The proponents of the city’s ordinance say they want to preserve the aesthetics of the night sky.

What’s happening now?

  • Restaurant owners/managers are facing fines of $100 per day if they don’t comply with the ordinance. If they are cited for a violation, the city will back-charge the fine to begin on the date of citation unless the lights are removed or unplugged.
  • The attorney and Asheville Brewers Alliance board member say the city of Asheville has indicated they may rewrite part of the ordinance.
  • Diners are advised to bring their cell phones to dinner.
  • Restaurant owners and managers affected by the ordinance should contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina about alternative light fixtures for their outdoor dining areas. We have a large variety of lighting solutions no matter what the outcome of the controversial ordinance. We can help create ambiance at your restaurant while keeping you in compliance with the city’s “Outdoor lighting standards.”

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina, we offer creative, custom, commercial outdoor lighting solutions to meet any business’s needs, no matter the local ordinance. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

5 Tips for Refreshing Your Outdoor Living Space this Spring, Starting with Asheville Landscape Lighting

You’ve set your clocks forward, so the outdoor days of spring can’t be far behind. Maybe you’ve already felt a difference in the air as spring peeks around the corner. Biltmore Blooms is coming up soon and the Asheville Orchid Festival is right behind it. If you’re as excited as we are to see this fresh, beautiful season on the horizon, here are 5 tips that will refresh your outdoor living space and help you summon — and celebrate — spring.

5. Say Hello, Spring! with a spring wreath

Place a spring wreath on your door! Just because winter holidays are over doesn’t mean your door has to lack expression. A spring wreath says Hello, Spring! and Welcome! at the same time. If you’re an artist or crafter, you know what to do. If not, there are plenty of places to purchase a spring wreath such as craft stores, Target or Williams Sonoma, depending on your budget.

4. Welcome a new resident to your garden

Add a sculpture or whimsical ceramic creature to your garden and let it be a focal point. You might just need a focal point when you get to Tip 1, below.

3. Refresh your porch, deck or patio furniture with bright, new pillows

Skip ahead straight to summer with new outdoor pillows in bright colors. You’ll find them already in shops everywhere — or make some pillows for yourself! Start with a bright shower curtain or vinyl tablecloth. Cut it up, fold each piece over, stitch most of the way around, stuff with Fiberfil from the craft store and stitch it closed. Mix and match!

2. Add a container garden … or two or three

Find a few planters of difference sizes and textures, and fill each one with some plants that will contrast in size, shape and color. Include something tall like Bamboo or ornamental grasses like Feather Reed Grass or Fountain Grass. Be sure to add a pop of color to each one! The containers will look great on your deck or patio this spring.

1. Invite the magic of Asheville landscape lighting

Once you turn on landscape lighting at your home, you’ll never want to go back to darkness. This is the best time of year to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina for a consultation. The Asheville landscape lighting designer will show you where you can use outdoor lighting among your trees, shrubs and flowers to the greatest effect. Possibilities include path lighting, flower bed illumination and, of course, lighting your new container gardens and whimsical garden creature as focal points. The beauty of landscape lighting is unmatched.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina, we offer the best deck lighting, exterior home lighting, landscape lighting, and patio lighting; all LED for 80% less energy use. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

The Magic of Christmas Can Be Yours Year-Round with Permanent Asheville Outdoor Lighting

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Living in such a magical place where Christmas is celebrated to the nines, affords you the opportunity to enjoy festive local Christmas traditions that make the rest of the world envious. From local town tree lighting, sledding, skiing, and other outdoor winter activities, to Christmas at the Biltmore, Asheville knows how to make the season special.

Tourists visit from everywhere to experience the magic that is Christmas at Biltmore. With over 55 magnificent Christmas trees, limited edition Christmas wine at the winery, traditional holiday meals on the menu, and decorated to the nines, Christmas at the Biltmore is a full sensory experience. But one of the most talked about traditions is the Candlelight Christmas Evenings.

Candlelight Christmas Evenings offer a special nighttime visit to the Biltmore during Christmas. The evening is full of illumination and magic with a towering Norway spruce featuring twinkling lights of holiday lighting. The visit includes a winery tour and the must-see evening lighting display at Antler Hill Village. Christmas lighting sets a magical atmosphere for creating lasting holiday memories of Christmas in Asheville.

Asheville Outdoor Lighting for Year-Round Magic

Did you know you can create that same magic at home with a permanent Asheville outdoor lighting system? Year-round subtle illumination of your home and property will allow you to create a scene for memory making during any occasion. Whether your patio lighting is designed for hosting guests for special events or you spontaneously enjoy an evening on your deck with a glass of wine with a loved one, the addition of Asheville outdoor lighting will transform it into an enchanted evening.

Landscape lighting designed by our professional team will provide a stunning backdrop for your life. And when the holidays come around, they can work in tandem with whatever you choose for your home’s Christmas lighting and holiday décor, accentuating every decoration for added joy.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina, we offer the best deck lighting, exterior home lighting, landscape lighting, and patio lighting; all LED for 80% less energy use. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

Upgrade your Asheville Outdoor Lighting System to Eco-Friendly LED

Did you know we can retrofit your existing outdoor lighting system to the most eco-friendly landscape lighting available? Did you know Asheville LED outdoor lighting looks as good or better than low-voltage, halogen, or even line voltage lighting? Say goodbye to higher outdoor lighting costs this winter with an LED outdoor lighting upgrade.

Lower Your Winter Expenses

Winter brings with it cooler days, longer nights, and snow. Along with the weather and changes in daylight, winter brings higher utility costs. More gas or propane for heat and more electricity for having the lights on longer each day. If you rely on outdoor lighting or landscape lighting to make your property safe, secure, and more beautiful on these long nights, chances are you are running those lights longer too. We can help you lower the effect winter has on the cost of running your outdoor lighting with an Asheville LED landscape lighting retrofit. LED outdoor lights use 80% less energy than halogen, making the electricity savings immediate and noticeable.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is the mantra, but often the “reduce” part is ignored as we consume more products and throw away the old. Our LED outdoor lights are top-quality. Not only do they use 80% less energy, but the bulbs last 10x longer than Halogen, meaning fewer bulbs in landfills. Our lights are made with top-quality copper and brass, never powder-coated aluminum or flimsy plastic that will be tossed in the trash in a few years. All of that and they come with a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our product and hope it will be a part of your home for life.

Now that the days have become shorter than the nights, it is the right time to upgrade your aging system to Asheville LED outdoor lighting. Call our lighting experts today for a complimentary consultation. 864-292-0002

Foster Unforgettable Moments for the Guests at Your Asheville Hotel, Bed & Breakfast or Vacation Home with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Today’s tourists are demanding fantastic service, gorgeous scenery, and unforgettable moments. Competing for their business is less about giving them a deal and more about giving them an experience they’ll never forget. If you’re looking for ways to improve the hospitality at your hotel or Bed & Breakfast, look no further. Adding or upgrading your commercial outdoor lighting system is a valuable investment that will take your business to the next level. Creating gorgeous outdoor spaces for your guests to enjoy while potentially lowering your electricity and maintenance costs, makes commercial outdoor lighting a win-win.

Creating Outdoor Magic for Full Occupancy

No Vacancy all season long is a dream come true for hotel owners and managers. One of the ways in which you can accomplish this is to create an amazing experience for every guest so that online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals will lead guests straight to you.

To encourage repeat business and a bit of buzz, we can help you create outdoor magic for your guests. Being in the mountains means wanting to get out and enjoy the lush surroundings and scenic views. Draw your guests out and around your property with strategic LED commercial landscape lighting. Create a picture-perfect patio space for dining and lounging with the addition of festive LED string lighting. Go for something unique with our team of designers who can find the perfect specialty lighting or ornate lighting to meet your unique property’s needs. Guests who have a great time will come back year after year, and they will tell their friends!

Upgrading Led Commercial Outdoor Lighting to Lower Costs

If you’ve been around for a while, chances are your Asheville hotel already features some commercial outdoor lighting. Maybe it is aging, hasn’t been serviced in a while, is not functioning properly, the landscape has grown up around it, or is costing you a fortune in electricity and maintenance.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we can come to your property and take a full inventory of what you’ve got and what you need. Many times we can retrofit older fixtures with LED for 80% less energy use. With a large property, those savings will drastically reduce your utility expenses. In addition, our LED lamps last 10x longer than Halogen, so you don’t have to keep your staff running around replacing bulbs constantly.

Call today for a design consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. We look forward to working with you. (864) 292-0002

Landscape Lighting Highlights Your Spring Remodeling and Renovation Projects!

If you are planning a new landscape installation or amending your existing landscape, outdoor lighting will highlight your endeavors in the evening hours. Instead of watching those blooms and buds disappear at dusk, your landscape will glimmer in the moonlight with a welcoming and inviting feel like no other — improving curb appeal and functionality at the same time.

Unlike other companies, outdoor lighting is all we do. We are not about just fixtures; we are about the design and effect our landscape lighting delivers! We can gladly partner with your landscape designer, architects, builder or contractor to ensure your remodeling and renovation project shines in the evening. The key to gaining the most benefit from a lighting design is utilizing the experience and knowledge of a professional. A professional that knows which areas of your landscape are best for placement, which type of fixtures to use and even which trees and shrubs within your landscape make the best specimens for lighting.

Imagine investing in new trees, plants, hardscapes, and outdoor structures only not to have the capacity to enjoy their benefits after the sun sets?! With Asheville landscape lighting you have it covered, that means you won’t ever miss a Saturday night barbecue on your new deck or patio, or the opening of bountiful blooms from your new shrubs, flowers or trees.

Improving the aesthetic of your home and landscape is easier than you may think. By simply adding professionally designed and installed landscape lighting you can increase the safety, security and curb appeal of your home and property dramatically — take a look…

As the outdoor living season as close at hand and many landscape improvement projects already underway we are reminded of the precious time spent outdoors among family and friends. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western Carolina, we strive to make the time you and your family spend outdoors in the evening just as enjoyable as those during the day.

Contact us to learn more today at (864) 292-0002 or you can email us at [email protected]

Asheville Decorative Outdoor Lighting Adds That Extra Touch Deserving of the Mountain & Valley Views

Living in a town known for its stunning mountain views, quaint hometown feeling and the grandiose display that is the Biltmore, adding a little something extra to your landscape just seems like a natural fit. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we are pleased to offer decorative outdoor lighting to not only add light to the darkness but also to add that touch of flair that will anchor your landscape design.

Asheville decorative outdoor lighting can be accomplished with ornate lighting fixtures…

Classic Asheville festivity lighting

A perfectly designed landscape lighting display

Gorgeous wall washes for homes and vertical structures

Dazzling moonlighting for outdoor living spaces

If you’re ready to create a magical outdoor lighting effect at your Asheville home, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C. to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. (864) 292-0002

Create an Asheville Christmas to Remember with Landscape Lighting

Are you ready for the holiday season? We’re blessed to live in a gorgeous Mountain retreat where the holidays are a time for friends and family. A place where traditions are important, filling each holiday season with treasured memories to last a lifetime.

While decorating the outdoors with mini-lights, garland and wreaths is a great way to create the festive feeling, have you considered adding Asheville landscape lighting to the mix? Landscape lights can create magic year round, adding joyful magic for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

How do we do it?

Adding Asheville wall wash lighting to your home is a great way to help it be seen in the dark of the long winter nights. Added to a home with Christmas lights and it gives it that extra special touch to be the neighborhood show-stopper. A perfect way to highlight greenery like garland and wreaths that can go unnoticed at night.

With LED path lighting leading from the driveway to the house, your holiday gatherings will offer a warm welcome and sure footing to arriving guests. Creating a winter wonderland that will be etched in their memories forever.

Enhance the effect with Asheville tree lighting to create focal features of favorite trees on your property. Choose an evergreen for that Christmas Tree effect, or highlight the gorgeous bare branches of your commanding deciduous Oaks and Maples.

Year-round Nighttime Magic

We’ve even had people who are so happy with the magic of Asheville landscape lighting they quit hauling out the ladder each year to hang Christmas lights and just enjoy the season. With a few alterations, thanks to colored lenses, your landscape lighting can be altered to be even more festive for the various holidays throughout the year.

If you’re ready to create a magical landscape year round at your Asheville home, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C. to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. (864) 292-0002

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Come See the Beauty of a Hendersonville Christmas and Feel the Spirit of a Real Hometown

As our city spaces continue to grow, we all love to step back into small town America from time to time. There can’t be a better time to take that step than during the magic of Christmas. It may still be 80 degrees outside, but there is no doubt we are thinking about it. As the green around us turns to yellows and oranges we have visions of gold and silver, green and red dancing in our heads. A stroll down Main Street during Christmas in Hendersonville NC holds that childhood Christmas spirit that we cling to and look forward to every year. And there is certainly no doubt that the glow and sparkle of the Municipal Outdoor Holiday decorations that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC provide add a joyful ambiance to the historic downtown area. As we once again prepare to illuminate Hendersonville for the holidays, we can’t help but dream of the spirit of the season we are entering…

Throw on a Scarf and Take a Stroll

Every year on the first Friday in December, stores stay open late to usher in the season. Christmas sales begin, there is caroling in the stores. The fresh mountain air can rejuvenate all the senses as you wander in and out of shops, but may also make some piping hot cocoa a requirement. There are more than 100 shops and 20 restaurants in this beautiful downtown area. Mast General Store is a favorite as is the Silver Fox Gallery due to its collection of regional art. Of course, the glow of the holiday lights makes this downtown excursion as charming and beautiful from the outside of the stores as from the inside. Mezzaluna Brick Oven and Tap House can be a great place for dinner. If a sweet treat to nibble outside by the Christmas tree is more of what you had in mind, McFarlan’s Bakery has been serving the community since 1930. No matter what you are driven by, shopping or just catching a little bit of Christmas spirit, this quaint and beautiful downtown in Western NC is sure to make Christmas come to life for you.

We Can Make This Holiday Vision Happen For Your Business Too

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for Christmas in Asheville, Hendersonville, or anywhere else in Western NC, the festive look of commercial outdoor holiday lighting can make the season come alive. Your goal may be to attract customers into your store, salon, or restaurant. Catch the customer’s eye with professional commercial Christmas lighting and they are sure to make their way inside. Or maybe your goal is to spread holiday cheer outside your business for your employees, at the front of your neighborhood for your friends, or even right outside your door for your family. At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Western North Carolina, we can create just the look you envision, design it, install it, then take it down and store it when the season is over. You will have exactly the look and feel you wanted without any added stress because you’ve handed it over to the professionals. We serve businesses, homes, homeowner associations, and anyone else who seeks to enhance the spirit of the season with our commercial Christmas lighting. Call us today; we look forward to beginning the conversation. 864-292-0002

Asheville Landscape Lighting Adds Value To Your Home

Are you updating your home with the cautious consideration about adding value to for a future sale? You’ve probably googled half a dozen articles about “curb appeal” if you are. And Architectural Digest says you are headed in the right direction. According to the experts, any great real estate agent knows that more often than not, potential buyers have made up their mind about a house before they even walk through the front door. One of their top 5 value adding suggestions… landscape lighting and outdoor lighting.

Don’t Miss a Single Beautiful Moment

Highlighting the already beautiful landscaping in front of your home with landscape lights is a natural progression. For your current enjoyment, extend the beauty around your entire property. Your home in Asheville probably has an amazing view of the Western NC mountains and skylines. However, if you are only enjoying it during the daytime you are letting so much of it’s beauty get away from you. Whether it’s your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen, the ambient glow from outdoor LED lighting will enhance your enjoyment, providing subtle and romantic back lighting. There is no reason to be forced indoors at sunset. Instead let your sunbathing turn to star gazing without any change in location.

There Are So Many Reasons To Make Outdoor Lighting a Reality for Your Home

These gorgeous visions are only one of the benefits of adding landscape lighting. The safety of an illuminated pathway adds great value to your home. Being able to see, step by step, as you make your way inside at dark after a long day may seem like a small thing. Yet when you are ready to let go of the stresses of the day, not having to be concerned with a potential fall or what may be lurking in the shadows, makes that relief come just a little faster. And if selling your home is a serious goal, keep in mind that every car that drives by your home could be a potential buyer. Which house is likely to catch their attention? The dark house that looks just like the last 10 they drove past or the front porch with the warmly lit rocking chair or porch swing that makes them wish they were coming home to it?

The possibilities of Asheville landscape lighting are endless. Knowing the effect you are interested in creating, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or for that “curb appeal” your realtor says you need, is a good place to start. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina we will make your vision a reality. Our LED landscape lights are top of the line and we will custom design your outdoor lighting needs and desires. Call today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration! 864-292-0002

Asheville Special Event Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding, Fundraiser or Summer Party

Summer is outdoor event season in Asheville. What would your special outdoor occasion be if it had to end when the sun sets over the Great Smoky Mountains? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C., we are pleased to offer special event outdoor lighting for all of your summer occasions. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, retirement party or annual family reunion, we’ll provide just the right temporary outdoor lighting to match your party atmosphere and give the guests a warm welcome to stay well into the night.

With such a large selection of special event outdoor lighting, it is handy to 1. Have the outdoor lighting experts on your side and 2. Not have to buy the lights just for a single use. We offer temporary outdoor lighting design and installation to make your venue, home or yard a festive environment.

Café Lighting

One of our favorite festive outdoor lighting fixtures is string lighting or café lighting. These classic lights can hang over a dance floor, a dining space or inside a wedding tent. When the sun sets and the café lights illuminate the space, you’ll enjoy a festive vibe that will encourage everyone to smile, dance and enjoy the party.

Path Lighting & Up Lighting

Because we provide permanent outdoor lighting for the Asheville area, we can offer something special for outdoor summer events. With our temporary path lighting and focal lighting, we can make your event venue a stunning nighttime display. Your guests will enjoy well-illuminated paths to and from the various areas of the venue. Up lighting will provide focus to unique fixtures around the property such as statuary, gazebos, trees, and arbors encouraging your guests to mingle around the entire space for a night they will never forget.

Specialty Lighting

Need something extra unique for your Asheville special event? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC offers a variety of specialty fixtures to match whatever your unique party theme might be. From light globes and moonlighting we can create a romantic, luxurious, eclectic or any other mood you’re planning. Our outdoor lighting designers will work with you to create a design that meets your unique event needs. With vast resources for light fixtures, we can find that unique item you have in mind but cannot find anywhere.

Call today for a free consultation on your special event outdoor lighting package. (864) 292-0002

Asheville Landscape Lighting: The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

It is quite common in the landscape design industry for landscape companies to offer landscape lighting as part of their services. While in many trades having a single company handle a large project from beginning to end is advisable, that is not the case for the best quality landscape lighting. When it comes to Asheville landscape lighting, there is a significant difference between what your landscaper is offering and what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference will look better, last longer and we’ll be here for you if you ever need us.

Gorgeous Asheville Landscape Lighting Design

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, each home and landscape provide us with a unique canvas for creating an illuminated work of art. We don’t have a standard set up or favorite package. Our landscape lighting systems are custom designed http://western-nc.outdoorlights.com/western-nc-landscape-lighting-gallery/ to create a gorgeous nighttime vision of your charming Asheville home and landscape.

Quality Asheville Landscape Lighting

Our LED landscape lighting fixtures are one of the most noticeable features that sets us apart from the competition. We offer only the best quality copper and brass landscape lights. The benefit of our lights is two-fold. One, they will blend into your landscape with gorgeous color and lovely weathering. Secondly, they are durable. Our lights can take the basic wear and tear expected in an outdoor environment. A bump from a lawn mower or a kid’s ball might shatter the plastic fixtures you may be more familiar with, but our copper and brass can withstand the elements, weather and human.

Long Lasting Led Landscape Lighting

Our LED landscape lights are top of the line technology. While all LED lights are long lasting, ours feature a special system for lowering the heat produced, resulting in a longer bulb life. Another great feature of our LED landscape lighting is the ability to adjust the lighting results with different bulbs. This allows for great flexibility in lighting design as well as an easy replacement when an LED bulb does eventually fade away.

Adjustments, Maintenance & Repairs

When you have landscape lighting designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, the completion of installation will not be the last you’ll hear from us. We are here for you for the life of your system. Should anything need adjusting, repairing or replacing – call us. 864-292-0002 We are happy to provide you with regular service for keeping your system looking great, functioning great and even just replacing a bulb when it does eventually burn out.

Prepare Your Asheville Mountain Home For Summer Guests with LED Outdoor Lighting

The best time of year to enjoy the great Appalachian Mountains is during the gorgeous summer months. With flowers blooming and the temperatures warming, it’s a great time to take in the scenic mountain and valley views in and around Asheville. If you’re expecting summer visitors at your Mountain abode, you might be busy with spring cleaning to prepare your home for entertaining. While a spring clean-up is a must, have you considered adding LED outdoor lighting to your outdoor entertaining spaces?

Led Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

LED outdoor lighting is a great choice for many outdoor living spaces. Allowing gorgeous summer days to blend into long summer nights requires the right outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we will custom design your LED outdoor lighting system to meet the needs of all of your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Asheville Deck Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C., we offer top quality deck lighting to make your evening entertaining a nightly summer event. With deck post lights we can illuminate the perimeter of your entire deck. For a more subtle approach, we’ll add riser lights to your stairs and tuck deck lighting under the railings for an ambient glow that will create a warm invitation encouraging guests to stay longer.

Asheville Patio Lighting

We have a variety of design tricks for professionally illuminating your patio space. A popular choice is to use LED landscape lights to provide ambient lighting from the surrounding landscape and flower beds. Another unique technique is moonlighting, if you have a tree nearby, we can mount a light from just the right branch for a magical Hunter’s Moon glow.

Asheville Stone Wall Lighting

Many outdoor entertaining spaces feature stonework. From outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, fireplaces and fire pits, these outdoor living accessories offer unique lighting opportunities. Whether they are on your deck, patio or a part of your landscape we’ll apply the perfect stone wall lighting to meet your nighttime outdoor living needs.

No matter what your outdoor living space includes, pool, patio, deck or playground, we have the perfect LED outdoor lighting technique to make summer nights in Asheville a memory your family and friends will always cherish. Call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. 864-292-0002

Asheville Garden Lighting for Natural Brilliance & Nighttime Enjoyment

Living in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, people come from all over the world to enjoy the splendor that is Asheville, North Carolina. While they may be looking forward to getting a glimpse of the Biltmore Blooms Festival of Flowers or the Biltmore mansion itself, people come here to spend time in the gorgeous great outdoors. Taking in mountain views and enjoying the wonders of nature is what visiting & living in Asheville is all about.

Enchanted Asheville Gardens

When you’ve toiled & troubled to create a glorious Asheville garden, you want it to be seen as much as possible. Whether it’s your spring tulips, your blooming fruit trees or your fragrant annuals, garden lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC can create the magical nighttime garden of your dreams. Enjoy our list of favorite illuminated blooms in Asheville.

8 Favorite Blooms to Illuminate in Asheville

  • Azaleas
  • Tulips
  • Daylilies
  • Forsythias
  • Japanese Maples
  • Roses
  • Wisterias
  • Crepe Myrtles

If your gorgeous Asheville garden deserves elegant illumination call today for the best Asheville garden lighting design, installation & service. We offer a free design consultation & nighttime demonstration. (864) 292-0002

Asheville LED Porch Lighting

Whether it is your front porch or your back porch, porch lighting is imperative to its function. Your front porch is a guest’s first impression of your home. Adding an efficient, beautiful, well-functioning porch light is key to creating a warm welcome. While front porches are a popular hangout space here in the south, don’t neglect the back porch. Adding LED porch lighting can help you gain function in your backyard for entertaining, relaxing and just enjoying the gorgeous mountain views.

Led Porch Lighting Design

Your front porch is the entryway to your lovely home. Create a warm welcome and a great first impression with LED porch lighting. While it is common to hang a decorative sconce next to your door and call it a day, the expert lighting design team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC can do one better. We’ll illuminate all the lovely features of your front porch, not just your door. With lovely posts, an interesting roofline and a lovely pathway leading in, we’ll subtly illuminate the entire front porch to exhibit your curb appeal and guide visitors to the door.

Led Back Porch Lighting

Whether you have a deck, porch or patio for your backyard entertaining, we’ll make sure you can use it day or night. Your back porch is where you grill, enjoy a meal al fresco or enjoy an evening cocktail while the kids run around the yard. With help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we can make sure the setting sun doesn’t chase you indoors. Back porch lighting is perfect for summer barbecues, bonfires and special events but it can also set a perfect mood for a quiet evening with the one you love.

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Keep the Magical Feeling Created by Christmas Lights All Year Long with Asheville Outdoor Lighting

Happy New Year, now get out there and take down your Christmas lights! With feelings of renewal and endless possibilities, it is a shame to endure the sad feeling left by the removal of your outdoor holiday decorations. When all the work is done and the decorations are stored, your home is left looking relatively dark and empty. Holiday cheer doesn’t have to fade into the cold darkness of January & February. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C. has a solution for you.

Keep the illuminated cheer all year long with Asheville outdoor lighting for your home. When you have completed the task of taking down your holiday outdoor decorations, just turn your outdoor lighting system back on and voila – no emptiness.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC creates custom designed LED outdoor lighting systems to best illuminate your home and landscape. To achieve a picturesque look for these long winter nights, we suggest architectural lighting for your home, landscape lighting for your prized shrubbery and focal lighting for the trees that dot your beautiful yard. The combination of those three effects gives your home the added curb appeal and the warm welcome you enjoyed with your Christmas décor on display.

Not only will you gain added cheer, Asheville outdoor lighting offers a plethora of additional benefits. An illuminated home provides added safety for traveling to and fro on these long winter nights. A well-lit home is also a natural deterrent to would-be home invasions. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, it’s time to give outdoor lighting for your Asheville area home another look.

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Beautiful & Secure: Stunning Asheville Security Lighting

Stop intruders in their tracks with beautiful outdoor lighting. Making your home a gorgeous site with fantastic curb appeal may be the first thought in adding outdoor lighting, but some of the best benefits of well-designed outdoor lighting are the practical ones. When we illuminate your gorgeous Asheville home, we are adding security along with the beauty. Asheville security lighting doesn’t have to be massive flood lights or blinding motion sensor lights. Security lighting can be gorgeous architectural lighting and stunning landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting creates a deterrent to would-be prowlers who don’t want to be seen. The illuminated property gives burglars nowhere to hide. Making your home look occupied even when it is not.

By illuminating your home, you can deter many would-be intruders. Home break-ins are mostly about burglary. These burglars are looking for empty homes they can get in and out of unseen. Our beautiful outdoor lighting acts as security lighting in lowering your home’s risk as a potential target. Elegant architectural lighting around your windows effectively excludes them from being a good entry point.

Without darkness surrounding your home, there is nowhere for a potential criminal to hide. Asheville outdoor lighting provides a gorgeously illuminated home and property, making it difficult for intruders to enter unseen.

Burglars are not looking for a confrontation. A dark empty house is a perfect target for an undetected break-in. Intruders want to slip in, search for valuables, and slip back out again. If a burglar notices no activity at a home for a day or two, they may target it, thinking the homeowners are away on business or vacation. Keep your home looking occupied with splendid outdoor lighting. With help from a timer, we can keep your lights on at all the right times. Your home will appear lived in from a distance – adding that bit of extra deterrent for when you are away.

Read more safety & security lighting stories on our blog or find out more about the perfect outdoor lighting design for added security at your home, with a free demonstration. Call today 864-292-0002.

Expert Christmas Lighting Design & Professional Installation in Asheville

Forget about the tangled lights and the burnt bulbs, just designing your outdoor Christmas décor can be a real headache. First you have to choose your design elements: Christmas wreaths, Christmas garland and outdoor Christmas lights. Then, within each of those categories you have more choices to make, do I want c9 Christmas lights, icicle lights, LED lights, incandescent lights, multi-color, clear, white, blue…the possibilities are endless. Then when you have it all decided you have to create the design with a well executed Christmas light installation – achieving results that are rarely what you hoped for. When it comes to hiring a professional for your Christmas light installation the benefits are great, but taking that design challenge off of your plate can be the real time saver. Take a look below to view some of our best Christmas light installation and design ideas.

Christmas Garland

We achieve the festive Christmas spirit at night with these c9 Christmas lights, but with the addition of Christmas wreaths and Christmas garland, the home is also festive during the daytime.

Christmas Wreaths

A great example of how Christmas wreaths can take that holiday feeling from night to day for your Asheville home.

Decorated Christmas Tree

With a professionally decorated Christmas tree in front of your home or business you can create the winter wonderland your customers and guests will love.

Holiday Outdoor Tree Lighting

Illuminating your trees with outdoor Christmas lights might look easy, but it can be tricky. Let us handle it so you can enjoy the classic outdoor Christmas lighting look.

Multi-color c9 Christmas Lights

Colorful c9 Christmas lights create a fun festive look for your home. Your kids will love it and you’ll be sure to win the neighborhood lighting contest.

LED Christmas Lights

For a classic winter wonderland look for your home this Christmas you can’t go wrong with white or clear LED c9 Christmas lights for your roofline, trees & shrubs.

Outdoor Christmas Décor

With a combination of outdoor Christmas lights and Christmas wreaths in Asheville you’ll be sure to create a lovely holiday atmosphere for your Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.

Call today! Now is the time to start the design process for your outdoor Holiday lighting and decorations. Let us handle the design & installation while you enjoy the magic of the season! 864-292-0002

Fall Colors All Night Long with Asheville Landscape Lighting

October is one of the best months of the year in Asheville. With the fall colors in the NC Mountains peaking all month long the scenery just can’t be beat. When it comes to enjoying the fall transition at your home, the addition of outdoor lighting can extend the time in which you get to enjoy your colorful property. Add tree lighting and landscape lighting to illuminate the beautiful fall colors and don’t forget to add deck lighting to give you a lovely spot to soak it all in.

Tree Lighting Asheville

When it comes to illuminating fall’s golden yellows and brilliant oranges nothing does it better than tree lighting. With several options for a variety of effects, every gorgeous changing tree can be seen after dark. With down lights added to the upper canopy of your large Maple trees we can highlight the gorgeous colors in the lower branches while casting a gorgeous ambient glow and dancing custom shadows on the ground below. For smaller ornamental trees a perfectly adjusted uplight will cast a wide light across the tree’s colorful canopy from the ground below for a magical focal point.

Landscape Lighting Asheville

With brilliant new colors erupting in your garden in October, landscape lighting can increase the time each day in which you can enjoy the lovely sights. By gently illuminating your gorgeous fall landscape with a soft glow, we create a magical autumn retreat for you and your family. With classic mums and pansies in full bloom we’ll use landscape lighting to make sure you get to enjoy them even as the days get shorter and shorter. With soft points of light throughout your yard you’ll get to take in the brilliant reds, deep oranges, and mustard yellows of all your fall foliage.

Deck Lighting Asheville

Your favorite thing to do as soon as the summer heat breaks is to get out the pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks to dress your deck, front porch and landscape with fall décor. The beautiful rich colors of your fall decorations are the mark of the beginning of a cooler season. The beginning of a season full of holidays, hot chocolate and curling up by the fire. With the addition of deck lighting and landscape lighting we can highlight your seasonal décor for a warm welcoming effect that makes the fall come alive with color and life. Don’t let your perfectly design fall outdoor decorations go unseen under the cover of darkness, illuminate them and show them off all season long.

Fall’s colorful season is phenomenal and fleeting – get the most enjoyment out of this colorful time with Asheville outdoor lighting. To learn more about illuminating your fall colors in the North Carolina Mountains call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC at 864-292-0002 or email us at [email protected]

Why LED Outdoor Lighting is the Right Choice for your Hendersonville Home

All the lifestyle benefits of outdoor lighting: safety, security, increased beauty and improved function in outdoor living, at a fraction of the energy cost. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be something that runs up your electric bill each month. Thanks to improved technology in LED lighting, outdoor lighting is more obtainable than ever before.

Lower Electric Bill

With energy costs on the rise, lowering the cost of utilities is a top priority for most homeowners. When it comes to running an outdoor lighting system, many people are deterred by the mislead fear that it will cost them an excessive amount of money every month to put it to good use. While going from zero lights outside to an outdoor lighting system will certainly add some cost to your electric bill each month, I can tell you about a scenario where adding outdoor lighting actually can save you money.

Few homeowners keep their home in the dark all of the time. Most homes have a couple of porch lights, a back door light and a garage light that come built in. As suggested for security and safety, you quite likely leave at least one of these lights on at night, which inevitably is left on 24/7. With an LED outdoor lighting system you can replace these lights with LED lights and Lighting Control Automation, which will ensure your lights are only on when you want them on (not during the day). With LED, the cost of running those lights will be significantly lower and you can even add more LED lights for a lovely effect while still using less energy and spending less money on your electric bill each month.

Less Energy Use

Until our local utility companies begin using renewable resources for their creation of electricity, the cost of energy will continue to rise and the depletion of the non-renewable resources will continue. It is up to all of us to make sure we are not using more of these finite resources than necessary. Whether your passion is in protecting the environment from the impacts of using these resources, lowering the rate of depletion of these precious resources or just saving yourself some money every month – using less energy is a positive thing for everyone.

Increased Capacity vs. Other Lighting Technology

When installing an outdoor lighting system we use transformers to run your outdoor lighting to your home’s electricity. These transformers have a certain Wattage capacity. The bigger the system, the more transformers your system will require. With LED outdoor lighting you can fit more lights per transformer, saving you money on the installation side. And if you already have an existing outdoor lighting system, we can retrofit it to LED to free up more space on your current transformer(s). For instance if you replace a 35 watt halogen with a 6 watt LED for the same lighting effect you will now free up 29 watts of space on that transformer. How many LEDs can you now add to your system to increase the benefits of outdoor lighting at your home? Maybe you planted a new tree or added a retaining wall since the installation of your system, with an LED retrofit you can add those much needed additional fixture without investing in additional transformers.

Whether you are interested in having an LED outdoor lighting system installed at your Hendersonville home or you are thinking about an LED retrofit for your Asheville home, give us a call at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, 864-292-0002 or email us at [email protected] We look forward to lighting up your nights.

The Benefits of Commercial Induction Lighting in Hendersonville NC

Commercial outdoor lighting is getting better and better all of the time. With gains in the technology behind energy saving solutions like LED outdoor lighting and induction outdoor lighting the future is looking bright. Commercial clients are always looking for ways to save money and be environmentally responsible, induction lighting can meet both of those goals.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting History

Historically speaking, commercial outdoor lighting needs have been met with inefficient HID (high intensity discharge) lighting. HID lighting was never about how good it looked, ranking very low on the CRI (color rendering index). The yellowish light that was cast in the area they illuminate immediately reminds you of the lighting in a night scene in an 80’s crime drama. When used in commercial grade high pressure sodium lamps the yellow light is even more apparent. The yellow light does not offer much in the way of clarity, whereas white light is much clearer for truer rendering of color and detail. Induction lighting can provide this increased clarity with nice white light.

What is Induction Lighting?

The basics of induction lighting can be best understood when starting with a typical fluorescent lamp. Remove the electrodes and change the way a fluorescent lamp works and you’ve got yourself an induction light. Fluorescent lamps create light by using electrical connections, whereas induction lamps create light by transferring energy through electromagnetic fields. The science is interesting but the result is the most important part: crisp, clear white light that renders truer while it saves you money and has less impact on the environment.

The Advantages of Induction Lighting in Commercial Applications

There are a plethora of benefits to choosing commercial induction lighting over other kinds of outdoor commercial lighting solutions. Better looking white light that renders truer is my favorite benefit of induction lighting, but as a business owner you’ll find it very important that durability, long life, low-maintenance and lower electric bills are the top reasons for choosing commercial induction lighting for your Hendersonville business.

Take a look at the above picture, specifically look at the trees on the left, now look at the trees on the right. Which group of trees looks greener, richer and more appealing? Induction lights are built to last, able to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy vibrations these lights are great for commercial needs inside and out. Induction lamps last up to 100,000 hours, meaning replacing them will be something you rarely have to think about, which is a huge benefit when lighting areas with fixtures that are difficult to access. Induction lights are instantly on and maintain their solid performance in all weather situations. Utilizing less energy, you’ll notice the savings on your very first energy bill.

Commercial induction lighting is a perfect choice for your commercial lighting needs, offering better quality illumination, longer lasting lights and lower energy and maintenance costs. To learn more about commercial induction lighting call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC at 864-292-0002 or email us at [email protected]

Outdoor Lighting in Asheville isn’t Just for the Holidays

Do you love the way your Asheville home looks when it’s all lit up for the holiday season? Do you avoid taking your decorations down well into the New Year because you dread the boring look of your house and yard once all the holiday décor is taken down? Whether you put up your holiday lights yourself or you have a professional install your outdoor holiday lights, you are bound to feel a little let down after the season ends and the lights come down.

Create a Warm Inviting House Any Time of Year

The warm, lovely feeling provided to you by holiday lighting and décor doesn’t have to end. Your home can get that inviting beautiful look all year long with a professional outdoor lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC. We take pride in everything we do, but the feeling created for you at your home when our professionally installed custom outdoor lighting system is turned on for the first time is what drives our work. With our custom design you will get the best outdoor lighting for your specific home, highlighting all the right points and creating depth with the shadows in between. Every design is customized after seeing your home and property in person, no cookie-cutter outdoor lighting, ever.

Add Curb Appeal to your Asheville Home with Outdoor Lighting

If you’re looking to highlight your home’s unique architectural features and character we have the best methods to achieve that goal. And if you’re interested increasing your home’s curb appeal after dark, a combination of landscape, path and architectural lighting will do the trick. We can also increase your security by uplighting the trees out front and your home and shrubbery around the side so that no one has a place to hide on your property. If you’re still not sure, give us a call, we’ll come out to your home and perform a free custom nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration on your property so you can see for yourself. With no obligations you have nothing to lose.

If you’re interested in keeping that warm, welcoming feel you get during the holidays at your home all year long call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC (864) 292 – 0002 today.

Holiday Lighting in Asheville is Best When You Start at the Top

With school just getting started and Labor Day coming to mark the end of summer, you may not be thinking much about Christmas yet. But we are. We are creating custom holiday lighting designs, ordering lights and filling the schedule in anticipation of the holiday season. If you’d like help with your outdoor holiday lighting this year, now is the time to give us a call. Our schedule will start filling up fast. You may already know us for our high quality professional outdoor lighting systems, but you may not know that we take that same expertise in lighting design installation and apply it to your outdoor holiday lighting.

Professional Christmas Lighting in Asheville

To get started, we have to design a custom holiday lighting plan for your home. To do that, we usually like to start at the top and work our way down to the ground. Roofline holiday lighting is a tradition that we just can’t get enough of. The classic, clean, uniform look of roofline string lighting for Christmas highlights the gorgeous architectural peaks of your home, creating a gorgeous outline from afar. With our C7 & C9 string lights, we’ll make sure your roofline lighting is top notch and you won’t have to even get out a ladder. Available in LED for a 90% savings in energy cost and a longer lasting bulb, you’ll save money running the lights and you won’t have to replace them for years. You can get them in white, colored, transparent or opaque to fit everyone’s holiday style.

Classic Holiday Lights & Modern Holiday Style

Linkable lights are becoming very popular. Adding a touch of décor to your roofline lights you can choose snowflakes, icicles, candy canes, gift boxes, ornaments or Christmas stockings. The Linkables system features a patented locking great that adjusts to any roof configuration sot the lights will always remain straight. Available in standard incandescent or LED, the Linkables lights are constructed of commercial grade materials for long lasting performance.

Decorating your Asheville home’s exterior for the holidays is easy when you leave it to the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC. We’ll make sure you can sit by the fire and enjoy the season while we climb the ladders and hang the lights. We’ll even come back and take them down, storing them for the summer in our climate controlled storage facility. Call today for a free consultation, (864) 292 – 0002 we’re booking fast for professional outdoor Christmas light installation.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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